Leighton Buzzard Railway
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Help us reach our centenary in good shape.

Left to its own devices, the Leighton Buzzard Railway would not have survived for almost 50 years as a working museum - and almost 100 unbroken years in total. Fortunately, it has had friends to help out. 


Give your time

From the start, we have had a hard core of dedicated people, ready and willing to give up some of their time and energy, in return for the satisfaction of seeing a unique piece of history develop and thrive.


Some of the original volunteers are still with us-a little more grey and wrinkled now than they were in their gilded youth-and have been joined by later generations, inspired by what has been achieved with what was a very worn-out railway, when we took it over from 1967 onwards.


But as ever, we always need more volunteers-not just to do the operational jobs, but to work behind the scenes as well. There are plenty of opportunities to put existing skills to good use, and to learn new ones.

Check out the Volunteering page for more information.


Give your money

Through careful management, the Leighton Buzzard Railway has avoided the twin traps of either relying too heavily on external finance to pay the day-to-day bills, or building up unsustainable debts.

Our principal source of everyday income is the money we earn from satisfying our customers. When it comes to the really big projects, however, we have to rely either on the generosity of individual or corporate donors, or on successful applications for grants from a variety of sources.


Our first major project has brought the Page's Park station facilities up to a 21st century standard, and in some style.

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But we still have a heavy programme of capital expenditure at both terminal stations, and to improve the track and other infrastructure. Not to mention rebuilding the disused stretch of line beyond Stonehenge Works.

Check out the Financial Support page for more details.

The Railway will be 100 years old in 2019, and there is still a lot

to do before we can start celebrating. Please help if you can!

Phone (UK): 01525 373888
Phone (International): +44 1525 373 888
Email: station@lbngrs.org.uk
Web: www.buzzrail.co.uk

Registered Office:
Page's Park Station, Billington Road, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire LU7 4TN. United Kingdom
Company No. 2319743.   Place of Registration: Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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