Leighton Buzzard Railway
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More to See and Do

Please note all three are subject to volunteer availability.

Miniature Railway

Our 7.25 inch track at Stonehenge Works, for working scale-model locomotives and trains, will also be in regular use on selected operating days, offering free rides to passengers from the "main" railway. This has been extended during the winter, so come and take a slightly longer ride in 2017. Operates on most operating days.

Quarry Digger Displays

Come and see how sand was dug out and transported in the local quarries, using our restored 10RB excavator, and authentic locomotives and tipping wagons. Operats on some special event days.

The Engine Shed Show

Free guided tours of the engine shed at Page's Park, with lots of information and pictures about our surprising history, and the chance to get close-up to the engines not being used on the passenger service. Operates every operating day from 1045 to 1610.

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